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Welcome to my one stop photography processing site.  All photos on my site are for sale.  All the printing is done by smugmug's people to bring the highest quality prints you desire.  Many head to the local store for prints.  Smugmug has a lot more options .  If you find the print you like and want a much higher resolution than you see here, simply press buy.  Its that easy.

Chris's passion has been an outdoor enthusiast and photographer his whole life.  He enjoys outdoor activities in wilderness areas.  His passion is exploring, mountains, lakes, rivers, animals, scenic views, underwater, and rugged terrain anywhere he can on our beautiful Earth with his cameras.

As a photographer it's not easy to get most of these shots.  Packing in over 30 lb pack with food water and cameras to areas most can't reach. Rigging harnesses to rocks and trees hanging off cliffs in very uncomfortable positions makes getting many of my shots difficult to just impossible for most.  

Using a special redesigned & re-engineered custom Kayak on fast currents while traveling up and down rivers to get both sides of photos & videos.   As many people work in a office or sales dept. or out of a work truck.  My job is taking photos to sell.  It's not just a hobby.

Chris has also worked closely with Fire, Rescue, Search and Rescue,  Military & more for all their photography needs.

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