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Welcome to Chris's Nature, Wildlife & More photo site.   Please read below.   :) 

Chris’s passion has been an outdoor enthusiast and photographer for over 36 years. With advancements in Technology & Education Chris is able to share his passion in photography & videos. He’s had the continued pleasure photographing Nature, Wildlife, Search and Rescue, Fire services, Military, Law Enforcement and many others. As a photographer, discretion is always fallowed. Taking photos for many different teams in many locations around the world.

Photos are always being cycled through this site to keep a fresh look, It's best to Buy them before they’re gone for good.

Out of all the different types of photography, fine art photography will always be the most sought after. Every photographer is an artist. All Chris’s is has continued his education including taking photos with 35 mm & 120 med format black/white film photos and developing them himself. As this is an older format and it’s lots of fun. It does take time but that's why he does it, to get the best return with Chris's hard work.

There is only one watermark on the photos when printed, there are two on this site to protect the photos from thieves. If you like any of Chris’s photos?  Selecting the BUY /Cart button Chris's site is a one stop shop to have the photos you want processed and shipped directly to you.

For updates to this site and videos please fallow this link & sing up if you would like. Photo & Video Updates blog. It's not a normal blog as many might think.

Thank you for your supporting Chris's site!

Chris M.

Disclaimer: All photos are Copywritten (©) by the photographer unless other legal arrangements have been made.  Chris isn't always taking photos for personal use. Therefor he isn't going to post them here. Much of his work is Confidential or Classified with the companies & agencies he works with. He only post the ones that have been cleared on. Thank you for your support buying Chris's photos to help keep his page open! California has had so many fires and floods. Many of my photos have been taken in those locations over the past few years. These photos can't be duplicated because of the horrible loss of our wonderful state.