Nature & Wildlife

Photography by, Chris Marks

Amphibian Drone

Welcome to Chris's photography site. 

If you like any of my photos you can buy and  have them processed through this site.  

My passion has been an outdoor enthusiast and photographer my whole life. With advancements in technology I'm able to share my passion in photography & videos.

Out of all the different types of photography, fine art photography will always be the most sought after in my opinion.  Every photographer is an artist, and if most of them could make a living from fine art, I'm sure they would.

Fine art is a way to express yourself, state your opinions, create or capture beauty and more, and it gives the opportunity to photograph everything you want; however you want.

 I have a special re-engineered now custom Kayak.  As most people enjoy kayaking down a river.  I've found it more fun & challenging to paddle up river first.  This not only is great for video along with photos as it captures many more shots, it's also an awesome workout.  I've also enjoyed many wonderful outings to take photos with NASA, L.E., Fire -  Rescue, Search and Rescue,  Military, Celebrities, & more.

Photo equipment; Canon,  Nikon & Film.

Filming equipment; Yi, Gopro, Canon, Nikon & Sony.   

For updates to this site and videos please fallow this link & sing up if you would like.  Photo & Video Updates

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Photos are make in RAW Format for the best photo . Then converted to JPG for his site as I can't have them as TIF as they take up too much room and they don't allow it here either.  

Differences between RAW and JPEG. RAW file is an image preserves most of the information from camera, such as sharpness and contrast, without processing and compressing. However, RAW format need to be converted to JPEG and other image formats which are more convenient for printing and sharing.